Get it Together Like Your Big Brother Bob

     Earlier I was told by the oldest man I know that I should cut my beard.  As always his honesty was admirable.  I took away more from the conversation then the previous dozen I had participated in.   While making the request he included the message along the lines of, “You should take a look in the mirror.  You have wasted much of the last fifteen years of your life and given your current appearance there is only a little hope for your future.”  Despite the fact I had created an emotional buffer to lie between us ( I had cared for him less since the time he tried to dissuade me from getting married) I was still moved by his words.  I believe everyone means well in their own way.
      Despite knowing his feelings on the matter beforehand I was unable to quell the anger and resentment I felt.  Who was he to thrust his traditional ideals and judgments at me? Yet he had reminded me he was older and wiser than I. Opposing thoughts crept into my mind…  Perhaps I hadn’t done nearly enough with/in my adult life…     What would I actually be able to accomplish in 30 more years?  Twice as much debt?  Why even drag myself through inevitable disappointment?  But now I had been given a hopeful solution if I acted soon.  If I shaved and changed my ways I would be able to amass the riches and medical benefits needed to support my wife and become a success!!!
         His callous delivery and down talking wouldn’t affect my fragile ego for long.  He had awakened a far greater concern whose reality had analyzed for as long as as was able.   In many instances the thoughts/ beliefs of my elderly adviser are shared by the businessmen, employers. and the leaders who run our society.  Their world isn’t a place wear the movers and shakers wear dreadlocks, weird beards, or hoodies…  I guess mine isn’t either.  For now that is…  (conforming under the peering, judging eyes of society is the first necessary step an adult without a rare talent must take to establish their lives and carve out their niche; only after establishing an acceptable career and securing a sound financial portfolio will society’s masses allow you to fill their ignorant minds with the truth;  only then will your voice be listened to– even if you wear a beard…)
     So for the present I will reluctantly heed the life advice of a man who has suggested recently to his caretakers and confidants in recent years that he should have passed away years ago.  Apparently as long as one follows the path of conformity and  enters the modern world’s rat race for money one will eventually arrive at the place where they feel that they too should already have passed away.   Let us strive for more.  Hopefully more contentment can be attained, more inner peace, more enlightenment.  Or perhaps it has…   Now where’s my trimmer?
PS.  Two quotes keep coursing through my mind while writing this. 1)  “Get a haircut and get a real job.” George Thorogood  2)”it scares the hell out of me….  the end is all I can see….”  Muse’s Thoughts of a Dying Atheist 

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